Replace site visits with virtual viewing in Cintoo Cloud


There’s no longer any need to spend hours travelling to and from construction sites to measure up or check various aspects of your as-built if you have up-to-date laser scans of your site and a means to view and extract what you need from them.

Using Cintoo Cloud, you can glean all of this information remotely, from the comfort of your home office, instead of needing to be physically on site. View your as-builts and easily assess typically hard-to-reach areas, take measurements and make notes. Furthermore, compare your as-built data to the BIM model to identify any issues between the two and allocate any follow-up required to the relevant team member. This collaborative way of working with your team and external stakeholders will improve QA/QC workflows and save you time, money and resource.

This is one of the key use cases of the platform for many of our customers across construction, architecture, design, engineering and manufacturing organisations such as Arup, Axalta and Stevens & Wilkinson.

See Cintoo Cloud in action and discover how your workflows could benefit by watching our demos: www.cintoo.com/demos.


Teams at the global design firm are using the platform to look around their build, take measurements and gain a true understanding of what’s there without needing to go out to site, saving the business significant time and costs.

“The platform is helping us remove risk from our projects as well as become more efficient. It’s a real time saver and has become a key part of our Reality Capture workflows. I’m able to share project data with both internal and external team members and people are interacting with the data all the time,” says Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader at Arup.


The global coatings provider started using Cintoo Cloud last year and is now able to get more people involved in each project, thanks to the ability to remotely access their data. On average, they have been able to cut site visits from four or five times to just one or two times.

“We’re very satisfied with Cintoo Cloud, especially with the fact that site visits have been significantly reduced, leading to significant time and cost savings within our projects,” comments Marco Schuh, CAD / BIM Administrator Engineering at Axalta.

Stevens & Wilkinson

For each new project, teams from this architecture, engineering and interior design firm were going out to site to manually measure up. Now they’re using Cintoo Cloud, they can move around their sites and view the existing conditions of the HVAC, such as plumbing pipes, electrical conduit, and drainage piping, gleaning an accurate picture of exactly what’s there and what needs to move.

“When you’re measuring up manually, there can be areas that are hard to reach and therefore the measurements may not be as precise as you’d like them to be. And if you’ve measured something wrong, it’s going to ripple through and cause problems down the line. But with Cintoo Cloud, we can solve problems very quickly by having the accurate dimensions from the start,” explains Bill Polk, Principal Architect at Stevens & Wilkinson.

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