A more efficient way to host, manage and share laser scan data


Forget about spending hours uploading your laser scan data onto hard disks or to Dropbox and then further time and resource distributing it to stakeholders. There’s a far more efficient way to get your laser scan data into the hands of everyone working on your project, from architects and designers to contractors and clients.

Simply upload your laser scan data as 3D mesh to Cintoo Cloud and you can give access to anyone who needs it, enabling them to view the data in the cloud. It’s a fast and efficient way of collaborating on your scan data and with more visibility for all involved it helps minimise risk throughout the project.

The time and resource savings gained by hosting and sharing laser scan data in the cloud is one of the reasons many of our customers across construction, engineering and architecture start using Cintoo Cloud.

Try the platform with your own scans to see how you too could save significant time: www.cintoo.com/try


The global project delivery firm was finding it a major challenge to shift their laser scan data around due to its massive size. Relying on laser scan data from third-party transfers, they needed somewhere to host and manage the 120 to 140 terabytes of Reality Capture data they’d amassed.

Cintoo Cloud allows them to do just this, viewing their project scans and assessing crucial details, such as looking at equipment across multiple levels of a building. Furthermore, they can get the data into the hands of their clients within hours rather than them needing to wait a week or two for a mailed hard drive.

“Using the platform, we’ve been able to reduce our server infrastructure and integration with BIM 360 has enabled us to upload our models and track issues,” said Mark.

“Teams will now be able to easily review facilities year after year, taking measurements and planning new projects with clients without having to call up data from the archives.”


Teams at this global advisory firm were spending hours trying to upload point clouds to file sharing platforms or downloading the data onto their machines only to find they did not have either enough computing power or the right software installed to be able to view, manage or manipulate the huge files. Incorporating the platform into their organisation changed all of this.

“I no longer have portable hard drives sitting around, which used to be the only way we could share our point cloud data. Now, all our scans are uploaded and anyone who wants to can download them,” says Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader.

Improve the efficiency of your workflows by managing and sharing your laser scan data in the cloud. Email sales@cintoo.com for a one-on-one demo of the platform or watch our customer demos here: www.cintoo.com/demos