Transforming Laser Scan 3D Navigation


Navigating a 3D point cloud has always been a challenge for non-expert users. Previously, Cintoo has alleviated some of that burden with its cutting-edge mesh technology, TurboMesh, which provides users the ability to view their scans at the same resolution as the source scanner. This speaks to the fact that Cintoo’s technology creates 3D surfaces out of 3D points, facilitating scan data that is much, much closer to the reality in which it appears. After all, the world is made of surfaces, not points!

Watch the video on how we’re transforming laser scan 3D navigation:

Now, Cintoo is bridging yet another gap in its democratization mandate for scan data.

For most users, 3D navigation is best facilitated when they gain the ability to move from one vantage point to the next seamlessly and without restriction. Think of Google Street view, for example, and how it allows users to jump from one bubble to the next.

We are proud to announce Cintoo Teleportation which enables users to move through their scan-to-scan and 3D models using panoramic virtual vantage points populated by our new teleport camera. Maneuvering your laser scans is now just like using a video game, giving users the ability to automatically and seamlessly move from one point to the next, whether it’s through scan data or BIM/CAD models. There are no restrictions to what users can do, whether it’s adjusting the height view to the view needed, or moving to multiple different perspectives within one area or asset location – and the best part is that you don’t even have to be an expert to use the technology’s capabilities.

Cintoo’s CEO, Dominique Pouliquen, said, “We are bringing successful proven 3D navigation concepts from the gaming industry into our B2B industrial worlds. Democratizing the use of laser scan point clouds has always been our focus, with no compromise on the source data accuracy and density. We believe that the trustful, but expensive, laser scan data should be used by many, many more people that are not expert surveyors or VDC engineers.”

The new Teleportation capability harnesses the power of Cintoo’s industry-leading, point-cloud-to-mesh streaming technology, called TurboMesh. Users can now generate any virtual vantage point by rendering 3D surfaces based on the best mesh contribution from each original scan position (or set-up) in real time in the WebGL viewer. The technology can also be used in industrial metaverse experiences where uncompromised as-built data is required, on platforms such as Unreal, Unity or Nvidia Omniverse.

All users, no matter their technical background or expertise, can experience the navigation and viewing capabilities of Cintoo Teleportation, in whatever way is needed, whether it’s through the comparison of BIM/CAD model to “as-built” conditions, or by having the virtual reality become the single source of truth in a Digital Twin application such as Asset Tagging for example.

Let Cintoo Teleportation, powered by TurboMesh, transform your workflows today!