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Viewing and sharing scan data from any source

Reduce travel to remote sites saving time and money! Provide the flexibility to access, via the cloud, the reality capture data of any job site using any scan system, terrestrial, mobile or drone. Since there is no single scanning device that covers all use cases, Cintoo Cloud avoids the complexity and costs of proprietary solutions that lock you into using only one type of scanner and application platform/software.

Cintoo Cloud & Autodesk Construction Cloud complete interoperability

Cintoo Cloud connects to your Autodesk Construction Cloud or your BIM 360 account to pull BIM models in their native DWF, Revit, Navisworks, IFC, DGN or JT formats, so that they can be displayed over your mesh-based scan data. You can then detect issues by comparing your as-builts to your design intent. Documented issues can be pushed to ACC or BIM 360 for model coordination. Checking for BIM model updates in ACC directly from Cintoo Cloud is very easy. Cintoo Cloud will also export scan data in point cloud (RCP, E57) or mesh (FBX, OBJ, STL) format to feed your Revit or Navisworks teams with the right as-built information for modeling (scan-to-BIM) or clash detection.

Reality data at full resolution made easy with TurboMesh™

Because the world is made of surfaces, not points, Cintoo Cloud leverages a unique point cloud to 3D mesh technology that does not compromise the source reality capture data accuracy and density (no decimation). Cintoo Cloud’s web viewer is powered by TurboMesh(tm) engine for easy viewing and navigation by experts and non-experts alike, avoiding interpretation errors that may happen with traditional point clouds.

Site maps, 2D drawings, 3D models, Scans and 360 panos: A single source of truth to efficiently manage large scale projects

Employ Cintoo Cloud powerful integrations to upload and easily display your scan data with 2D drawings, 3D CAD and Digital Twin models from any major platform such as Autodesk. Organize your data in various folders (Work Zones) to easily manage very large projects that may contain several thousand scans and huge 3D models.

Sharing & distribution of scan data in point cloud or mesh format

Easily download your scan data in structured/unstructured point cloud or mesh format to allow any user to create models from reality capture saving time and money on closeout packages and punchlists.

BIM coordination with as-built versus as-designed workflow

Quickly document and resolve claims and disputes on each and every project phase. Quickly and easily identify issues and communicate field notes and RFI’s to applicable team members. Improve your QC process and assured compliance with integrated visual comparisons of scans to 2D and 3D models. Easily and proactively detect, document and communicate issues avoiding costly errors and finishing projects faster.

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