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Choose the scan quantity you need over your various projects.

Cintoo Cloud CSD subscription’s price is based on your overall scan volume.

You can increase your scan volume anytime.

You can create an unlimited number of projects and invite as many users as you want.

BIM & CAD Module


Cintoo Cloud’s BIM & CAD Module allows you to upload various BIM and/or CAD files.

Upload BIM/CAD files from your disk or Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Upload BIM/CAD files for scan-BIM and/or scan-CAD workflows.

Compare scans with BIM and/or CAD models, document and push issues and much more.

Asset Tagging & Display*


For Enterprise companies, tag assets and equipment and connect to other platforms.

Import a list of tags from your CAD or Digital Twin models.

Automatically geolocate and classify equipment in your scans using Cintoo’s AI engine.

Create tag list with your own custom fields and manually tag equipment in your scans.

*For Enterprise Customers Only
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Invite as many users as needed

Benefit from Cintoo’s unlimited user policy to invite as many internal or external users as needed to facilitate the adoption and usage of your reality capture data.

Benefit from a simple subscription plan

No complicated calculations or fine print. Just select the scan capacity that you need for your projects. Easily increase or decrease that scan capacity as needed.

Easy optimization

Easily optimize your Cintoo Cloud account. Switch on the BIM & CAD Module as a simple option for all your projects. For enterprise customers, effortlessly add and tag your assets and equipment.

Increase your scan volume as needed

With Cintoo Cloud you can easily scale as your needs and capabilities grow. Simply add more scan capacity at any time by moving to one of the next tiers.

Yearly option

Take advantage of yearly plans for ease of account management and savings. You can easily update your plan based on your changing needs and work load.

Leading technical and customer support

You’re never alone with Cintoo. Assure your organization’s adoption and maximize your ROI with Cintoo’s leading technical and customer support.

Storage and access included

Your Cintoo Cloud subscription includes cloud data storage, unlimited upload / download, unlimited access to the platform for unlimited users, and the possibility to host your scans and models in various AWS or Azure regions.

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