Cintoo Joins SAP.IO Program


Cintoo selected to participate in Industry 4.0 virtual startup program based at the SAP.io Foundry in Munich

Cintoo, the leader in cutting edge SaaS based cloud solutions for realizing the promise of Reality Capture technologies for Digital Twins at scale announces its participation to a virtual startup program focused on Industry 4.0 and based at the SAP.iO Foundry Munich, in collaboration with Accenture. Membership in the program is based on reviews from a jury of experts from SAP and Accenture, alongside SAP partners and customers who evaluated numerous applicants and selected 11 startups to join the program.

This program and the selection of key participants is predicated on various factors such as the pandemic which has shown how vulnerable global supply chains and manufacturing are to disruption. Additional external challenges such as extreme weather events including droughts, forest fires and floods are putting even more strain on production. These factors exasperate an already unreliable supply chain requiring companies to open new, highly automated production facilities to meet demand in a timely manner.

With this program, SAP and Accenture are extending their joint commitment to helping companies create and discover new innovations that drive the total reinvention of their manufacturing and supply chain processes. SAP will work with the selected members in this program to integrate and jointly offer solutions for this new manufacturing and production reality. Those selected will receive curated mentorship, access to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and exposure to SAP and Accenture customers with the opportunity to develop high-impact proofs of concept.

CEO Dominque Pouliquen stated, “The only constant is change and now more than ever all organizations must thoroughly evaluate their internal and external processes taking full advantage of new innovations that joint partnerships like SAP.iO and Accenture can implement with cutting edge solutions such as Cintoo provides.”

As an integral part of the Digital Twin ecosystem, Cintoo Cloud provides a leading-edge, foundational SaaS solution for implementing a Digital Twin strategy as part of customers’ digital transformation. Cintoo Cloud bridges the gap between Reality Capture and Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Digital Twins. Its SaaS platform manages 3D scanned data collected from the built environment to enable collaborative asset management workflows and offering extremely accurate comparisons to BIM and CAD models.

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