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This webinar is co-organized by Cintoo & Case Technologies. Digitizing our cultural heritage has become a necessity for many reasons: preservation, documentation, research & public outreach.

When it comes to heritage sites & historic buildings, terrestrial laser scanning has been used to successfully to serve those purposes. Now is the time to leverage the versatility of the cloud to expand further and execute along this vision. Come & see how cultural heritage experts use Cintoo Cloud to reach their objectives & to deliver the right digital content for the right purpose.

Date: Thursday June 25
Time: 11:00 am East Coast (8:00 am West Coast, 5:00 pm Europe, 4:00 pm UK)
Duration: 60 minutes

Key Takeaways :

  • Learn why scanning heritage sites is important for preservation, documentation & research.
  • Learn how to use Cintoo Cloud to compare scan-to-scan & detect changes over time.
  • Learn how to share your scan data with the public via the cloud.
  • Learn about the various deliverables that can be extracted from your scans, such as 2D floor plans or 3D BIM models, for various use cases.

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