Our new Cintoo video provides an overview of the value Cintoo Cloud offers our customers.

Watch it here

Cintoo Cloud sits at the convergence of laser scanning and Digital Twins, enabling users to
review, share and collaborate on both the as-built situation found in terrestrial laser scans and
compare this to the design intent found in CAD models to improve project workflows.

Make your laser scans cloud and BIM compatible and work on your projects anytime from
anywhere. You don’t need powerful hardware or software to use Cintoo. It works on any PC,
laptop or tablet equipped with a simple WebGL browser (Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

With your laser scan data in the cloud, every user you grant access to can collaborate
simultaneously as a team. And you can create annotations, notes, issues and measurements
directly on the dataset and send any issues to an individual or entire team to address. There’s
also integration with BIM 360 to push BIM models as well as BIM Track to sync your issues.