New report demonstrates growing data challenges for construction firms


As technology is increasingly adopted across the construction industry, businesses are accumulating huge quantities of data. A recent Autodesk and FMI survey* of nearly 4,000 global construction industry stakeholders, entitled “Harnessing the Data Advantage in Construction”, shows that more than 80% of respondents reported an increase in the project data their organizations are creating from construction technology over the past three years, while nearly half experienced more than a 50% increase.

“We see this firsthand from the organizations who come to us looking to make sense of the vast amounts of point cloud data they’re struggling to manage and distribute to project stakeholders. Reality data, captured through laser scanning, is probably the biggest in terms of file size that the construction industry has to contend with, so solutions like hard drives or Dropbox are no longer fit for purpose and instead replaced with cloud-based platforms, far more effective for hosting and sharing this data,” says Dominique Pouliquen, Cintoo’s CEO.

The Autodesk/FMI survey also illustrates that more than 80% of respondents describe at least one quarter of their project data as unusable. As to why they perceive their data to be unusable, the inability to easily combine data from different sources was ranked either first or second by almost half of respondents. 

“Working in data silos makes efficient planning and decision making far harder, if not impossible. Being able to integrate your software and bring your data together in one place is crucial to keep projects moving and issues being addressed as you go,” explains Dominique.

The survey additionally revealed that Time constraint/urgency of decision was perceived to be the greatest risk (43%) to project decision making, demonstrating how crucial accessible and interpretable data is to aid informed decisions being made quickly to keep timelines on track.

“It’s vital that organizations’ data is not only accurate but easy to access and understand so that they can capitalise on these insights and use them to create efficient project workflows. By doing so, firms can also establish a competitive advantage,” comments Dominique.

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* https://construction.autodesk.com/resources/fmi-construction-data-report/