Cintoo Cloud Reality Capture gains further traction with AEC and Industry 4.0 firms


It’s been a year of continued growth as AEC and Industry 4.0 businesses look to ramp up the digitization of their project workflows and are recognizing the competitive advantage of leveraging their as-built data in the cloud for BIM/CAD model comparisons and using it as the foundations for accurate Digital Twins. As a result, Cintoo Cloud is evolving into a multimodal reality data platform to meet customer demand for a diverse range of Reality Capture data types.

Cintoo Cloud is now used by more than 20,000 users in BIM, construction and Industry 4.0 organizations across North America, Europe and Australasia as a unique source of trustful Reality Data to better manage and collaborate on brownfield and greenfield projects, saving significant resource, time and money. We also achieved a major milestone in August with SOC 2 Type 2 compliancy – giving our customers and their IT teams peace of mind that we provide the highest level of data security for their projects.

We introduced a myriad of new functionality to the platform to enhance its capabilities and continue improving the experience for customers. This included partnering with Procore so that teams can push their issues to the platform as Observations. We added a new Work Zone Selection & Display tool, enabling users to efficiently compare a specific set of scans with its corresponding model; Site Maps for adding 2D plans as a background image into Work Zones; and 2D drawings navigation, making it ever easier to navigate your laser scans using your drawings.

To see all of Cintoo Cloud’s functionality, visit: https://cintoo.com/features

We’re trialling new functionality in beta mode, enabling users to upload unstructured data from indoor mobile devices as well as 360° (or panoramic) images, alongside their laser scans, so that project teams can coordinate their data in a single platform. These beta programs will turn into complete features and modules in early 2022.

We’ve hosted various webinars, partnering with Autodesk, Axalta and BP consultant, Tony Hunter, to showcase the interoperability between Cintoo Cloud and Autodesk Construction Cloud; and teaming up with Turner Construction to bring the new Work Zone Selection & Display tool to life and Silverdraft to demonstrate how to stream as-built conditions live inside the Unreal platform to create rich metaverse experiences.

At the same time, we’ve welcomed the return of in-person events, exhibiting and speaking at major AEC industry shows in the US and Europe and, importantly, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate to customers how they can overcome their laser scan data challenges with Cintoo Cloud. At the Reality Capture Network (RCN) Conference, our CEO Dominique Pouliquen was delighted to receive RCN’s Ambassador of the Year Award, recognising the technological innovation he’s introduced to the industry over the last 20 years.

Dominique comments, “It’s been an exciting year, developing the platform’s capabilities further to meet the needs of our customers and bringing new Industry 4.0 businesses on board as they realize the potential for Cintoo Cloud to support their Digital Twin strategy. We have a plethora of new functionality coming to the platform in 2022 so watch this space!”

If you’d like a one-on-one demo to learn more about how Cintoo Cloud could enhance your workflows, email contact@cintoo.com