Demonstrating value to your clients with Cintoo Cloud


Not only are the organizations that use our platform able to do so much more with their point cloud data – from viewing, sharing and managing their as-builts to comparing this data with their models – but the visibility they’re able to provide in turn to their clients adds further value to their projects.

There’s no need for technical know-how to be able to understand and glean meaningful information from the data in the platform, which means clients can gain immediate clarity on the progress of their projects.

Here is what some of the global organizations using our platform perceive as the key benefits for their clients:


One of the biggest advantages for this global design firm in using Cintoo Cloud is enabling teams to get their clients more involved in the process.

“By giving our clients access to this information, they can walk through the building and immediately understand the scope of the project and what’s being done. This transparency and collaboration increase the value of what we’re doing across all disciplines,” explains Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader. 

As a result, they now include the fact that they can share their data with clients in their proposals.

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Turner Construction

A major benefit of the platform for this international construction services company is how easily they’ve been able to share their scan data with their client, who can then effortlessly interpret the data with no technical expertise required.

“At the end of the project, we’ll be able to provide the owner with the data right from the start of the build last year. The ability to hand over this historical data to our client and for them be able to use it for retrofits or extensions down the line, rather than having to go back through hard drives, makes this a very efficient workflow for our projects,” says VDC Project Manager, Rick Burchett.


The straightforward way this global design firm can share their terrestrial scan data with their teams was a key reason for choosing Cintoo Cloud.

“Not only does Cintoo Cloud enable us to properly leverage our point cloud data, it provides multiple ways in which we can share it with project stakeholders. It’s become an integral part of our laser scanning workflow and how we demonstrate value to our clients,” says Kevin Grover, Geospatial Technology Leader.


For this global project delivery firm, getting their data into the hands of their clients within hours, rather than them waiting a week or two to receive a mailed hard drive, is hugely advantageous. Plus, of particular importance for their large global clients is the fact that they can view and interact with the data in the platform without requiring any software.

“Going forward, we’ll be able to plan new projects with clients without having to call up data from the archives, having everything we need at our fingertips,” comments Mark LaBell Jr, Senior VDC Technical Leader.

To discover how you can provide more value to your clients during your projects, contact sales@cintoo.com and we’ll run you through a demo using your own laser scan data.