Collaborating with project stakeholders on your scan data


Point cloud data has not typically lent itself to collaboration as too often it’s far too large to share digitally and too difficult to interpret and glean useful information from.

Cintoo Cloud was created to change this, with collaboration a fundamental part of the platform. Transforming terabytes of point cloud data into 3D mesh, the platform delivers high-resolution data, which is smaller in size but just as accurate, that can be easily accessed, viewed and shared with everyone involved in a project, both internally and externally.

Many of the organizations that use our platform have told us that the ability to share their point cloud data with project stakeholders has been a real game changer. Here, we show how global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering and construction management, SSOE, real estate developer and design builder, Clayco, and global advisory, design, planning and engineering business, Arup, are benefitting:


Cintoo Cloud has become highly valuable for their equipment vendors, greatly enhancing workflows. A team member can create a unified mesh and export it as an OBJ, FBX or STL file. They then receive an email as soon as this has been created, download the mesh and share it with the relevant vendor to plan their installation.

Additionally, the ability to take measurements in the platform enables teams to avoid remodelling new equipment being introduced with everyone engaged in a truly collaborative process, which previously could be disjointed and time-consuming.

The platform’s Work Zones feature provides further access to those who need it and in the most digestible format for the recipient – full access where required and more restricted access for those focused on smaller sections of the project, such as a contractor only working in the north end of a facility. This also means they can stream smaller chunks of data rather than needing to share entire projects.

See how this functionality could benefit your projects by taking advantage of a free trial of the platform: www.cintoo.com/try


Cintoo Cloud provides the project teams at this organization with a convenient way to engage with their consultants. Not only are they able to share project information quickly but they can do so in tightly controlled conditions, determining access and permission levels for each individual involved.

“We’ve found Cintoo Cloud to be a great one-stop-shop for everybody to connect with the data – what’s being built, the way it’s being built and compare this to the modelling information,” says Tomislav Zigo.


The company had been faced with the same ongoing challenge – how to get their scan data to everyone involved in their projects. When Arup discovered Cintoo Cloud, they immediately recognised that it would make sharing their as-built data significantly easier and far more efficient.

“Cintoo Cloud has become a key part of our Reality Capture workflows. I’m able to share project data with both internal and external team members and people are interacting with the data all the time. It’s really easy to add someone in and it only takes about 10 minutes to show them how to use it and they’re off,” says Michael Alder, Regional Reality Capture Leader.

If you’re keen to see more collaboration among your teams when it comes to leveraging your scan data, reach out to sales@cintoo.com