Showcasing our multimodal 3D platform at Geo Week in Denver


We kickstart our 2022 events calendar with Geo Week in February, where we’ll be exhibiting at Stand 813, as well as running a session on how to stream your laser scan data to game engines during the US Institute of Building Documentation’s (USIBD) annual symposium.

Do you work in architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, asset management, energy, or utilities, and manage projects involving laser scan data? We’d welcome talking to you if you’re finding it a challenge managing and distributing this data. Are you able to fully leverage it? Can you easily share it with your team, and can everyone collaborate on it? We’re approached by organizations of all sizes that still rely on USBs or Dropbox to access and distribute their massive point cloud data when it would be far more efficient and less time consuming to do this in the cloud.

Using our multimodal platform, Cintoo Cloud, you can upload your as-built scan data as 3D mesh and then compare it to your BIM or CAD models in real time, providing complete transparency and improving QA/QC workflows. If you have an Autodesk BIM 360 account, your models can be imported directly into the platform.

Your teams can access this data from their laptop, desktop or tablet and work off the same dataset concurrently. Host your scan data in either Azure or AWS and choose the location of your data center; no data is stored on servers or offline.

If your operations would benefit from a cloud-based platform that puts an end to data silos and supports collaborative workflows, we invite you to set up an appointment with the team during the show by emailing us on contact@cintoo.com.

You can now also use our platform to bring your laser scan data into game engines for a rich interactive experience. If you’d like to know more, join our session entitled ‘Bringing Laser Scan Data into the Metaverse: What About Mesh Streaming in Your VR Application?’. Our CEO, Dominique Pouliquen, and Customer Success Manager, Nicholas Czarnick, will show how you can stream high-resolution mesh-based scan data from Cintoo Cloud to the Unity and Unreal platforms and become immersed in both your as-built conditions and BIM/CAD model. The session is part of the USIBD symposium and takes place at 2.30-3pm on Tuesday February 8 in Room 401-402.

Geo Week runs from February 6-8 at the Colorado Convention Center and incorporates AEC Next Technology Expo, SPAR 3D Expo and the International Lidar Mapping Forum, all under one roof.