Replay our webinar: Don’t let the lockdown stop you & your team working with your laser scans & BIM models.

The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates that companies must become more digital & agile to ensure their business continuity. In laser scanning & BIM, workflows remain very desktop-centric, limiting the impact of data & creating silos within companies or between companies & their contractors. Desktop-based workflows fail badly when people need to remotely access their projects from home.

Companies that have chosen Cintoo Cloud haven’t stopped working with their scans & BIM models despite the lockdown. With Cintoo Cloud, one person scans the job site & uploads the data to the cloud & these scans then serve hundreds of people for various scan & BIM workflows.

Learn how

  • To outsource the scanning & upload of scans to the cloud
  • Cintoo’s unique point cloud-to-mesh technology offers project access to experts & non experts
  • To organize, share, manage or distribute your scans via the cloud
  • To assign scans, groups of scans or work zones to users or groups of users with various access rights
  • Cintoo Cloud’s collaboration tools: measurements, annotations, issues & Scan/BIM comparison


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