Streamlining oil & gas operations with laser scan-BIM workflows


When scheduling routine maintenance or retrofitting a platform, it’s imperative to prioritize the safety of those undertaking the works on site, balanced with maintaining stable operating costs.

Replacing a faulty component on a remote site in hazardous weather conditions, for instance, not only presents a logistical challenge but also a resourcing one. Plus, any unscheduled downtime can significantly impact productivity and expenditures.

For several years, terrestrial laser scanning and Digital Twins have been used to address these problems. Now, Cintoo Cloud takes the process a step further by enabling oil and gas companies to leverage their laser scan data in a digital cloud; improving stakeholder collaboration, workflows and ultimately maximizing the ROI of laser scanning technology.

Oil and gas operators use Cintoo Cloud for a wide range of applications, from managing assets and clearance checks to comparing scans to CAD models when planning new layouts or retrofits, reverse engineering and predictive maintenance.

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This is where the ability to view, share and work on your laser scan data can deliver significant operational gains. Before sending subcontractors out to site, you can use Cintoo Cloud to view the as-built data and assess the physical conditions; remotely determining the best solution to resolve the issue. Using this approach, you can even establish if replacement parts are required (and if so where), if equipment will fit and assess where new equipment should be installed.

Equally, your team can compare the as-built data they collect to a CAD model to make sure the planned work is in keeping with what already exists and no errors need addressing prior to contracting someone to complete the works.

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