Why construction companies should leverage the Cintoo cloud to democratize laser scan data


In construction businesses, huge volumes of data are amassed on every project, which is a particular challenge for an industry that has moved fairly slowly to digitize operations.

The size of laser scan data has certainly been a prohibitive one. Often several terabytes in size, its sharing has historically been restricted to autonomous methods, such as hard disks or USB drives, rather than online applications that allow multiple project stakeholders concurrent access. 

So how do you leverage your laser scan data and avoid this data being confined to silos rather than being made accessible for all stakeholders involved in a project? 

Addressing this would allow construction operators to gain a commercial and logistical advantage over market competitors.  

This is where a cloud-based solution can help AEC businesses overcome the challenges of storing large data, sharing files simultaneously with multiple stakeholders and extracting meaningful information from the data. 

The Cintoo Cloud platform first and foremost addresses the issue of size, turning point cloud data into 3D mesh using our patent-pending technology. This mesh, being 10-20 times smaller than the original data but every bit as accurate, can then be uploaded to the platform, viewed in a number of different display modes and even distributed back to desktop apps as a mesh or as a point cloud (using the inverse mesh-to-point cloud transformation).

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When it comes to working with this data, Cintoo Cloud is all about collaboration. Project managers can manage the access to everyone in a project using various permission levels. The degree of this access can then be tailored to each individual stakeholder, depending on which parts of the project they are working on. For example, the access given to a sub-contractor working on the ground floor of a project only, could be restricted to just this area.

Equally, the level of permission can be different for each project member, from full access for those heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the project to restricted access or viewing only for team members who don’t need to comment or make changes.

This increased visibility and more inclusive way of working on projects (even if you’re all working remotely) is infinitely more productive, leading to improved workflows, particularly where quality assurance and control is concerned.

If you’re looking to achieve more value from your laser scan data, and improve the efficiency of future projects, trial our platform here: www.cintoo.com or reach out to us via sales@cintoo.com to discuss integrating Cintoo Cloud into your operations.