Stantec makes laser scan data accessible to all stakeholders using Cintoo Cloud


Our customer Stantec recently took part in our webinar with Spar3D, revealing why they chose Cintoo as a partner for their Reality Capture hosting. 

Stantec is a global design firm with 22,000 employees, involved in architectural and engineering applications for the environmental infrastructure of buildings. 

The company has a mix of Faro and Leica terrestrial scanners, which it uses on a regular basis. They deal with a vast quantity of third-party data from other organizations and therefore have a lot of information to manage, filter and use for their design verification and workflows. 

Data sharing power of Cintoo Cloud

They were looking for a web hosting platform for their point clouds, which would allow them to upload this terrestrial scan data and then easily share it with their design teams.

They also required a vendor agnostic platform to work with the variety of hardware and software applications used as well as one that would integrate with Autodesk.

A major benefit of the platform to Stantec has been the ability to grant permissions to different users at the project level. Projects involve many people, including third parties, so being able to control who has access to upload data, who can edit it and who can simply view it has been vital. This has also meant the platform has integrated seamlessly with Active Directory.

As well as the team members using the platform on a daily basis, the many ways that the data can be shared with non-technical people has also been advantageous. For example, being able to share a bar code, QR code or a project link, with passwords and expiry dates, has helped to get it into people’s hands via their preferred method, whether it be desktop, laptop or mobile.

Integration with Autodesk is also important for Stantec, enabling them to bring rich point cloud data into the platform for entire project teams to visualize without having to download anything directly to the desktop. The team also intends to look at VR as another way of leveraging their point cloud data.

Data security 

Another critical reason for choosing Cintoo was the cloud security provided, knowing their data and their clients’ data is safely stored and protected. Working on global design projects, it’s also been crucial that they can save their data in the countries within which they operate.

“Cintoo Cloud enables us to properly leverage our point cloud data, with multiple ways in which we can share it with project stakeholders. It’s become an integral part of our laser scanning workflow and how we demonstrate value to our clients,” said Kevin Grover, Geospatial Technology Leader at Stantec’s Innovation Office.

Discover how you too can leverage your point cloud data by trialling the platform for free: www.cintoo.com/try or email sales@cintoo.com about integrating Cintoo Cloud to immediately start improving your project workflows.