Extracting maximum value from laser scan data


Industry 4.0 is continuing to transform manufacturing processes, with digital workflows driving efficiency gains. Laser scanning plays a pivotal role in digitising assets, enabling production facilities and equipment to be scanned in 3D, rather than 2D, more efficiently and with increased value.

The data extracted from laser scanning can vastly improve project workflows but can only deliver true value when it is concurrently shared with all stakeholders who can analyse it, use it to inform planning decisions and identify any issues that need resolving.

However, distributing 3D laser scan data has traditionally presented a logistical challenge, as file sizes are notoriously large and not conducive to sharing through digital channels.

That’s why businesses looking to digitize their operations have turned to Cintoo Cloud, which sits at the convergence of laser scanning and Digital Twins. Our platform turns point cloud data (from laser scans) into 3D mesh, which is 10-20 times smaller in size but just as detailed, enabling it to be uploaded to an online cloud. From there it can be easily and securely shared with everyone involved in a project, irrespective of where they’re based geographically. 

Learn more about how you can benefit from Cintoo Cloud’s technology: www.cintoo.com

Once data is in Cintoo Cloud, each project member can view detailed scan sets of their buildings or equipment ahead of upgrades or retrofits, make measurements, take notes and track issues. It’s not only the as-built data that can be viewed but models too. This allows users to compare what currently exists to the design intent, enabling more accurate and efficient planning of projects and minimizing costly errors.

There’s no need to invest in new hardware, software licenses or plug-ins to use the platform and its highly intuitive nature is equally accessible to both technical and non-technical users alike. 

If you’re looking to achieve more value from your laser scan data, and improve the efficiency of future projects, trial our platform here: www.cintoo.com or reach out to us via sales@cintoo.com to discuss integrating Cintoo Cloud into your workflows.