Collaborating on as-builts within construction


We hear the word collaboration used in the construction sector more and more these days as digital solutions look to tackle the fragmented and siloed way building projects have traditionally been run.  

Never is this siloed approach truer than in the way as-built laser scan data is shared between individuals working on the same project. We still see many large, global construction companies where only a handful of employees know how to use a laser scanner and even fewer understand how to extract meaningful information from the data and make it shareable. Even then, hard disks and Dropbox are often the go-to for storing and sharing this data.  

The handling of laser scan data still tends to be viewed as a specialist area, with companies reluctant to allow too many people to access the data in case they misuse it. This leads to teams being stuck in data silos.


Cintoo Cloud is here to change this. One of the key benefits of the platform is that you can upload your laser scan data to the cloud and make it securely accessible to more people. 

We achieve this by turning the point clouds from your laser scan data into a high-resolution 3D mesh, which is 10 to 20 times smaller than the original scans so that it can be uploaded to the cloud. This mesh is high on detail and makes it easier to extract meaningful information from your data.  

See for yourself how easy it is to share and collaborate on your laser scan data by taking our free 30-day trial: www.cintoo.com

With your data securely stored in the cloud, it can then easily be shared with stakeholders no matter where they’re located. You can invite team members and contractors to collaborate on the data, comment on it, edit it and update files at the same time. This is possible from almost any web-enabled device, from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Users can be managed with permissions that grants them specific access rights. For example, a contractor can be granted access to a specific workzone that they are involved in. 

With all relevant stakeholders authorised to view the data, any deviations and errors are more likely to be quickly identified and addressed. Issues can also be tracked up and then pushed directly into your BIM coordination platform. If you need your point clouds back at any time, the data can easily be turned back into its original format. 

The ability to truly collaborate on your laser scan data using Cintoo Cloud improves workflows at every stage, including pre-construction, model coordination, QA/QC and project handover. 

Reach out to us via sales@cintoo.com if you’d like to discuss how Cintoo Cloud can address your unique laser scan data challenges.