Customer Story: FSU

SU gains massive time and cost savings by using Cintoo Cloud as their point cloud management platform.

FSU reduces project time and
execute detailed as-builts up
to 10,000 square feet in under two weeks from the start of the survey

Cintoo Cloud has given our team at FSU the ability to access point clouds here in Denver sooner than we thought was possible. We are able to begin modeling the day after a scan is complete, and our surveyors no longer have to worry about shipping the data or finding the best internet connection.

Julia Clarson
Software & Technology Integration Specialist, BIM Manager.
Field Services Unlimited (FSU).


Field Services Unlimited has been delivering architectural as-built surveys and documentation to retail and commercial clients across North America since 1992.

FSU’s small team complete over a thousand surveys and as-builts each year with tight deadlines and customized deliverables. Their as-built surveys, facility assessments and site survey reports provide the information and confidence their clients need to make architectural renovations run smoothly.

FSU does the maximum to ensure a site is recorded as accurately as possible to save customers time and money. By working closely with clients, FSU clearly determines requirements and ensures that project deliveries include all items deemed necessary for each site.

The Situation

FSU’s surveyors are in and out of multiple sites each week, so anything that allows them to obtain or deliver site information more quickly is extremely valuable.

Scanning accelerates data collection but it slows delivery due to file size. The addition of Cintoo Cloud to FSU’s workflows has reduced transfer times in an unprecedented way, while still retaining the full detail their team expect from point clouds.

Using Cintoo Cloud, FSU is now able to reduce project time and execute detailed as-builts up to 10,000 square feet in as little as two weeks from the start of the survey.

Workflows Used


Surveyors are easily able to send the complete point clouds back to FSU within 24 hours after they scan the site.

Cintoo Cloud’s sharing and viewing options are comprehensive, yet user-friendly. This enables FSU’s teams as well as clients across a diverse range of industries to interact with sites remotely via a regular internet connection.

FSU’s Julia Clarson concludes: “Cintoo’s team has been fully responsive, synergetic, and innovative from the moment we began working with them during their beta testing. They have always been open to feedback and have implemented all of the functions we have requested. This has enabled us to streamline and consolidate our process and deliverables”.

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