Cintoo Cloud is essential to bring your scanned as-builts into cloud-based, collaborative workflows where BIM, CAD and Digital Twin technology is required.

Powered by TurboMesh™, leading organizations and surveying companies can easily access and view their reality capture data as 3D surfaces at the resolution of the source scanner. They can securely collaborate with team members at any time and from anywhere on any device.

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The process Equans Digital used to make cookies with Cintoo

Customer Stories At the heart of my philosophy is the conviction that reality capture data has immense value. Thanks to the seamless integration of a scan and a workflow, Cintoo has effectively transformed this conviction into a tangible reality.

How to Preserve a Historical Building

Customer Stories Cintoo gives us a streamlined, user-friendly way for our clients to view a quality and organized BIM model and Point Cloud seamlessly.

Meridian & Genesis Energy

Customer StoriesLearn how two leading energy firms independently discovered how to optimize their Digital Twin programs by employing the full range of capabilities in Cintoo Cloud. Read how these firms were able to realize the full return on investment for their past, current and future projects.