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Next Generation Reality Capture Data

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Cintoo: Next Generation Reality Capture Data.

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The Cintoo Solution

Cintoo Cloud is a cloud-based Reality Data management and collaboration platform. By transforming large point cloud data into 3D meshes, the data is now shareable, collaborative and distributable with clients, contractors and your own teams.

The point cloud data can then be manipulated in 3D by anyone equipped with a standard laptop and Google web browser. Cintoo Cloud is available on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, or can be deployed on private data centers behind secured firewalls.

Cintoo Connect is a Windows client that connects desktops to Cintoo Cloud. From desktop to cloud, it is used for scan project translation into Cintoo Reality Data and for fast upload to Cintoo Cloud. From cloud to desktop, Cintoo Connect will download Cintoo Reality Data and inversely translate it into point cloud data for consumption by most CAD software.

Transforming Point Cloud to Surfaces

Cintoo has developed a unique point cloud-to-surface technology. This translation keeps the project structure (scanning position, panoramic views), has no limit in terms of project size and does not compromise the survey-grade accuracy of the source data. By translating to surfaces, laser scan panoramas are not only viewed as images with depth, but as 3D models as well.

With this new type of Reality Data, the upload and download times and the need for storage space are reduced since this surface-based Reality Data is 20 to 30 times lighter than the source point cloud!

Convert Surfaces Back to Point Clouds

Cintoo can also revert surfaces back into point clouds with the same accuracy as the original point cloud source file that was uploaded. Cintoo Reality Data will first be downloaded and then be transformed back in Autodesk ReCap RCP format for consumption by Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, or in E57 format for use in any other CAD and Scan-to-BIM software.

Virtual Reality Enabled

Translating laser point clouds to surfaces makes them ready to be displayed using Virtual Reality devices. Cintoo’s technology creates added value for Virtual Reality projects by fast streaming the 3D mesh at the highest possible resolution from each of the project’s scanning positions.

VR users can use the RGB, Surface and X-Ray display modes and also choose to stream a mix of scan data and BIM content (with a choice to display them separately or together).

Laser Scanning Hardware and Point Cloud Software Agnostic

Registration of the source laser scans can happen in any point cloud software. Cintoo Connect will then import these projects using E57 and Autodesk RCP formats. Once processed and translated in Cintoo format, the project is then uploaded to Cintoo Cloud. E57 and RCS formats are available as export formats when reverting Reality Data back into point cloud format.

Reality Data Management in the Cloud

You can view your current projects and share them with an unlimited number of clients, suppliers or team members. Give different people access to certain projects or even specific work zones.

Assign different users with specific roles and permissions to manage what they are allowed to do within the project.

Public and Hybrid Clouds

Cintoo provides flexibility around cloud options, and gives you the option to host your data on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the two largest providers of cloud services globally.

You can select the data center geography where your data will be hosted for privacy requirements or let the data be hosted anywhere in the cloud to improve streaming performances. You can also choose from several government-authorized datacenters that meet the US government’s strict regulatory, security and compliance requirements and are designed to host sensitive workloads in the cloud.

Cintoo Cloud is also available as a hybrid model, and can be installed in your organization’s private cloud.

Read about all of Cintoo’s cloud options in our user guide: Cintoo Customer Cloud Delivery Options.

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