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The Cintoo Solution


Cintoo Cloud

Cintoo Cloud is a cloud-based Reality Data Management & Collaboration platform that can be accessible anywhere using a Web Application. Cintoo Cloud is available on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, or can be deployed on private data centers behind secured firewalls.

Cintoo Connect

Cintoo Connect is a Windows client that connects desktops to Cintoo Cloud. From desktop to cloud, it is used for scan project translation into Cintoo Reality Data and for fast upload to Cintoo Cloud. From cloud to desktop, Cintoo Connect will download Cintoo Reality Data and inversely translate it into point cloud data for consumption by most CAD software.

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Core Technology

Surface from point cloud

Relying on years of academic research and of technology maturation in wavelet compression, streaming and viewing of massive Reality Data, Cintoo has developed a unique point cloud-to-surface technology. This translation keeps the project structure (scanning position, panoramic views), has no limit in terms of project size and does not compromise the survey-grade accuracy of the source data.

Inverse translation is also available, turning surfaces back into point cloud formats for consumption by most CAD software.

With this new type of Reality Data, the upload & download times and the need for storage space are reduced in a ratio of 10 to 30 compared to typical laser scan files.


Reality Data on any device

Cintoo Reality Data makes it possible to access high precision terrestrial laser scans on demand from a simple Web browser or a smartphone.

  • Fast streaming is performed using Levels of Details (LODs).
  • No plug-in is required when using any WebGL-compatible browser.

Enhanced visualization

Turning massive point clouds in surfaces greatly enhances the visualization and makes it much easier to navigate the Reality Data.

Back face culling and occlusion management are used to see through the walls, floors or ceiling without the need to clip the point cloud.

Photo, 3D and Virtual Panoramic views

Cintoo Reality Data keeps the project structure, including the scanning positions and the panoramic views. By translating to surfaces, laser scan panoramas are not only viewed as images with depth, but as 3D models as well.

The user has also the possibility to create as many additional panoramic viewpoints as necessary making the Scan-to-BIM process easier (coming next).


VR, AI, IOT and Simulation ready

Translating laser point clouds to surfaces makes them ready to be displayed using Virtual Reality devices. Getting continuous surfaces from discrete points also makes the Reality Data easily interpretable for machine learning and feature extraction (coming next).
Surfaces also allows to easily display IOT sensor information such as heat maps, and makes Reality Data prone to be used for simulation algorithms such as CFD analysis.


Data Management & Collaboration


Overview map

Cintoo Reality Data and scanning positions can be displayed using orthoviews on any axis. Scans can be browsed along the time line as well.


Advanced cropping features allow to display only the relevant information at any given time. Cropping is available in either the overview or the 3D view.

It applies on the Reality Data and on the overlaid 3D BIM model at the same time if available.

Cropping can be performed on each X, Y, or Z axis separately or cumulatively.

3D Measurements

3D measurement tool is available in the 3D view or the panoramic view. A disto tool is also available to measure distances orthogonally from any surface.

Measurements can be exported in a PDF format to be shared with Team Members.

3D Documentation

Annotations can be set on any are of the Reality Data, and can be defined as either a note, a public or a private comment, or an issue. Annotations can be enriched with metadata (text, photo, video, URL,…) and be assigned to any Team Member.


Cintoo Cloud provides a whole set of tools that makes it the reference cloud-based platform for collaboration on Reality Data: team member invitations, permissions, assignments, annotations, calendar, notifications…