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Price Change Information!

Starting Sept 9th 2019, Cintoo Cloud prices change. Please read this FAQ to know more about it

Choose the scan quantity you need.

Increase your volume anytime.
Switch on Visual Analysis tools as you need them for each project on a daily or monthly basis.

All your scans, and scan projects
in one place online!

Collaboration, Sharing
& Distribution (CSD)

One simple monthly or yearly subscription based on your total online scan requirement (across all projects).
  • Create Projects
  • 3 cloud hosting options
  • Upload Scans
  • RCP, FLS, LSPROJ, e57
  • Upload CAD models
  • Upload BIM models (IFC)
  • Upload OBJ, FBX
  • Upload PDF (2D DWG)
  • Manage Scan data
  • Map, thumbnails, list
  • Search, Advanced search
  • Versions
  • View
  • Data, Overview Map, 3D View
  • Display Scans in RGB, X-Ray, Surface, Height, 360 images
  • Display BIM models in RGB, X-Ray
  • Organize scan projects
  • Work Zones
  • Crop any slice or isolate any part of the scan data
  • In X, Y or Z axis from Overview Map or 3D View
  • Align crop to screen in Overview Map (rotate)
  • Save & edit as many crops as needed
  • Collaborate
  • Invite users & team members
  • Manage access and sharing rights
  • Annotate, tag
  • Measure
  • Linear measurements
  • Compute surfaces and volumes
  • Generate profiles
  • Measure slopes
  • Play sequence
  • Play capture sequence via the timeline
  • Reports
  • Measurement & Annotation reports
  • Screenshots
  • Distribute Scans via the cloud
  • Download and export scan data as point cloud
  • In point cloud formats: structured e57 or Unified RCP / RCS
  • Shared 3D Viewer
  • Scan and BIM display
  • Add your company logo
  • Set time limits and password
  • Share meta data (measurements, annotations)
  • VR Streaming
  • Scan and BIM display
  • Connect to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Pro
  • Navigate from scan to scan positions
  • Display in RGB, X-Ray or Surface mode
Unlock Visual Analysis tools
project per project

Visual Analysis (VA)

Unlock Visual Analysis tools for the project(s) that you want and for the whole project team through subscription or daily tokens
  • BIM 360 Interoperability
  • Push RVT,NWD, DWG, IFC, PDF (2D DWG) from BIM 360
  • Push issues to BIM 360
  • Align Scan & BIM
  • Align scan and BIM or BIM and scan
  • Export the alignment to Revit and Navisworks
  • Compare scan data & BIM model (Scan-vs-BIM)
  • Overlay the BIM model and the scan data
  • Compare using the Visual Diff and the Visual Check tools
  • Generate a heat map from the differences
  • Compare scan versions (Scan-vs-Scan)
  • Display your scan versions using the timeline
  • Align scan to scan
  • Compare using the Visual Diff & the Visual Check tools
  • Generate a heat map from the differences
  • Issue Tracking
  • Issue sharing in BCF format
  • VR Streaming
  • Same features as with CSD Subscription
  • Make Scan / BIM comparisons
Features or services available now
Features or services available Q4 onward, 2019

Pricing guide

CSD Subscriptions

Based on your total online scan requirement
# Uploaded scans Monthly Yearly (1 month off)
$100 $1,100
$190 $2,090
$360 $3,960
$620 $6,820
$860 $9,460
$1,650 $18,150

Visual Analysis Unlocks

Unlock the Visual Analysis tools project per project via subscriptions or via daily tokens.
Project size (# of scans) does not matter.


# of Projects Monthly Yearly
$150 $1,650
$290 $3,190
$420 $4,620
$550 $6,050
$690 $7,590

Daily Tokens  (24 hour unlocks)

# of Daily Tokens Price for the package

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