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  • Online purchases are limited to Active Plans that have a capacity between 21 scans (or stations) per month and 250 scans per month, and a duration between 1 month and 12 months. Payment by credit card only.
  • For more capacity (251 to 10,000 scans / month) and/or more duration, please contact Cintoo sales team to benefit from volume discounts.

Select your Active Capacity:

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Monthly Subscription

$ 1189 /month
Estimated monthly billing. Taxes may apply.

    • Included storage during the
    • selected Active Duration
    • + 3 months in Archived mode.
    Custom /month
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    • Our plans can accommodate any volume of scans per month and any duration. Please contact us to learn about our volume discounts.


    $0.00 /month
    • Up to 20 Scans
    • Duration of one month
    • No credit card required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a “scan”?

      A “scan”, also called a “station”, corresponds to one vantage point for your terrestrial laser scanner, whatever the density of the point cloud is for each one of them (can be 10 million points or 160 million points per scan).

    • What is an “Active Plan”?

      An “Active Plan” is made of: 1) a capacity, i.e. a number of scans per month, and 2) a duration, i.e. a number of months when the plan is active. Active Plans can start at any time. Billing is made at the time of the purchase and at the beginning of each monthly cycle. You can buy multiple Active Plans.

    • Can I upgrade an “Active Plan”?

      You can upgrade an Active Plan at any time to increase the capacity or extend the duration. These upgrades will be valid at the next monthly cycle.

    • What happens if I upload more scans than what I initially purchased in one of my plans?

      You can upload more scans than what you initially committed for in your Active Plan. In this case, these “overcapacity” scans will be invoiced to you at $5 (4,5 Euros) each at the next monthly cycle.

    • Is there any limit to the number of users that can participate to the projects?

      There is no limit to the number of users that can participate to your projects.

    • What happens at the end of my Active Duration?

      At the end of your Active Duration, your projects will be set to “archived mode” for 3 months. You can buy a new plan and re-activate these projects at any time during this 3 months period in archived mode. Without any re-activation, your projects will be deleted at the end of the 3 months period in archived mode.

    • Is there any limit to the number of projects that I can create?

      There is no limit to the number of projects that you can create within your Active Capacity. As an example, if you buy a capacity of 200 scans per month, you many spread this capacity over 10 projects of 20 scans, 5 projects of 40 scans, 1 projects of 200 scans, etc.

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