Increase your volume at anytime.
One easy scan volume to manage and an unlimited number of users and projects.
Switch on Visual Analysis tools as a simple option for all your projects.

Collaboration, Sharing & Distribution CSD

Choose the scan quantity you need over your various projects.
  • Cintoo Cloud CSD subscription’s price is based on your overall scan volume.
  • You can increase your scan volume anytime.
  • You can create an unlimited number of projects and invite as many users as you want.

Visual Analysis Tools VA

Cintoo Cloud’s Visual Analysis tools are for your scan-BIM workflows. Compare scans with CAD models, push models from Bim360 and much more.

For just 15% more, unlock all the Visual Analysis tools and services for all your scan projects!

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CSD Scan Capacity Price VA Add VA TOOLS +15%
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Subscription Plans

Collaboration, Sharing & Distribution CSD
iv 0-5,000 scans
Visual Analysis Tools VA

Daily Tokens
120 Daily Tokens

Starting May 20,2022


Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to pay either monthly or annually, based on your company requirement or billing cycle. To do this, save a credit card in the administration panel of your Cintoo account, and choose the billing cycle you wish.

Customers wanting to pay via purchase order (PO) can do so for upfront payment of subscriptions of a minimum of 12 months or longer. Please contact for more information around paying by PO.

The creation and export of Unified Meshes are currently in beta and you are free to use this service as much as you want as part of your CSD subscription. When released in its final version, this web service will be sold as an additional option to the CSD subscription since it requires intensive cloud computing. Additional web services will be added over the course of 2020.

These include quantitative analysis services such as Floor Flatness and Levelness reports and other analysis tools that will leverage the Unified Mesh.

Please send all your comments and questions to

• Yes.

• If you have a yearly subscription, the VA option will be valid from the day you purchase this option and until the renewal date of your yearly CSD subscription.

• If you have a monthly subscription, the VA option will be valid from the day you purchase this option and until the next 12-month anniversary of your monthly CSD subscription.



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Starting May 20,2022

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