Cintoo Cloud Feature List

Buy a scan volume, then choose monthly or daily access to advanced Visual Analysis tools for scan-scan or scan-model comparison.

Collaboration, Sharing & Distribution (CSD)

One simple monthly or yearly subscription
based on your total online scan
requirement (across all projects).

  • Dashboard, Users list, Activities and Calendar
  • Add co-Admins & Project Managers
  • Define custom roles and permissions
  • Manage groups of users
  • SSO support (additional implementation fee required)
  • Generate Usage Reports (date, users, companies, import/export of scans, crops or unified meshes)
  • Choice of Automatic Cloud Hosting with CDN or selection of region and provider (AWS or Microsoft Azure)
  • Choice of private data center (additional implementation fee required)
  • Map, Thumbnails, List
  • Search
  • Versioning
  • Invite users & team members to each project
  • Manage access & sharing rights
  • Upload structured scan projects in RCP, e57, FLS or LSPROJ format
  • Support of intensity
  • Automatic point cloud-to-3D mesh transformation for each scan prior to the upload
  • Upload unstructured scans in E57 together with camera path and source 360° images
  • Upload spherical images with their geolocation and orientation
  • Orientation set as compass heading or quaternions
  • Site Map upload (jpeg, PNG)
  • Alignment tool in Overview Map
  • 3D Alignment tool in 3D View
  • Use of Site Map in Navigation Map
  • Create as many Work Zones and sub-Work Zones as necessary
  • Assign scans or BIM/CAD models to each Work Zone or sub-Work Zone
  • Manage team member access to Work Zones or sub-Work Zones
  • Crop in X, Y, or Z axis from Overview Map or 3D view
  • Rotate crop to screen in Overview Map
  • Save & edit unlimited crops
  • Annotate as notes, private notes or issues
  • Add labels, text, photo, video, URL, PDF to the annotations
  • Assign private notes and issues to team members
  • Search for annotations based on labels
  • Set unit system as metric, US or international Imperial with precision of measurement
  • Add linear measurements in 3D View (Scan Mode or 3D Navigation Mode)
  • Pick 3D point and paste XYZ coordinates
  • Play capture sequence via the timeline
  • Generate measurement & annotation reports in PDF
  • Create screenshots
  • Select a project, a Work Zone or a crop for download
  • Download and export scan data as point cloud in structured e57 or structured RCP for whole projects, sets of scans or Work Zones
  • Download and export scan data as point cloud in Unified RCP / RCS / e57 for crops
  • Download the Unified 3D Meshes in OBJ, FBX and STL format (requires a creation step as a Web Service)
  • Share Cintoo Cloud viewer via URL or email
  • Display high-resolution Scan data + BIM/CAD models in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • 3D View: Display scan data in Scan Mode or 3D Navigation Mode, in 3D RGB, 3D Intensity, 3D X-Ray, 3D Surface, 3D Height or 2D Panoramic Images (Scan Mode only)
  • Add QR code
  • Add company logo
  • Set time limits and passwords
  • Share metadata (measurements, annotations)
  • Embed Shared Views in iframe from any domain
  • Stream high-resolution Scan data + BIM/CAD models in stereoscopic mode using Mozilla Firefox
  • Connect to Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive Pro
  • Navigate from Scan to Scan positions
  • Display in Scan Mode in 3D RGB, 3D X-Ray or 3D Surface mode
  • Make point to point measurements or distance measurements
  • Support of Windows, IOS or Android tablets
  • Project and Work Zone Selection
  • Scan mode or 3D Navigation
  • Display modes: 3D RGB, 3D Surface, 2D Panoramic Image
  • Tools: Measure, Annotate

BIM & CAD Module (BCM)

Cintoo Cloud’s BIM and CAD module allows you to upload various BIM and/or CAD files for scan-BIM or scan-CAD workflows. Compare scans with BIM and/or CAD models,  document and push issues and much more.

  • Push RVT, NWD, NWC, 3D DWG, JT or IFC files from Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 to Cintoo Cloud
  • Upload BIM (IFC, Revit, DWG) or CAD (JT) models from disk (Q3/Q4 2022)
  • Upload BIM models together with hierarchy, disciplines, and metadata
  • Look for model updates in Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360
  • Select transformation to be applied to the Revit model
  • Align Scan to BIM/CAD or BIM/CAD to Scan
  • Export the alignment to Revit and Navisworks
  • Overlay the BIM/CAD model to the scan
  • Compare using the Visual Difference and Visual Check tools
  • Generate heat map based on tolerance input
  • Display scan versions using the timeline
  • Align Scan to Scan
  • Compare using the Visual Difference and Visual Check tools
  • Generate heat map based on tolerance input
  • Export issues in BCF Format
  • Interoperability with BIM Track (push or sync notes and issues between Cintoo Cloud and BIM Track)
  • Interoperability with Autodesk BIM 360 (push issues to BIM 360)
  • Interoperability with Procore (push issues from Cintoo Cloud to Procore)

Web Services

Get access to Cintoo’s advanced web services on-demand.

  • Create Unified 3D Meshes with photo-texture from crops
  • From up to 100 scans
  • Select density starting at 0.2 cm / 0.1 inch
  • Select format (OBJ, FBX, STL)

Asset Management (Beta)

  • Import lists of assets in any spreadsheet format that contains the equipment Id, location, metadata andhyperlink
  • Add up to 10 custom fields to each asset metadata
  • Edit asset lists (append existing lists)
  • Delete asset lists
  • Display assets with their best scan view(s) in the 3D View
  • Edit the scan view or the 3D view
  • Click on the asset in the list or in the 3D bounding box to access asset information
  • Display the asset metadata
  • Connect to your Digital Twin or documentation platform via hyperlinks

  • Search for assets in the list with multiple elements
  • Share Asset Views as hyperlink or QR code
  • Export Asset Lists in CSV or Excel file together with the Asset View for each asset

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