Industry 4.0

Cintoo Cloud offers organizations a centralized, intelligent cloud-based platform to host all the as-builts in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Cintoo Cloud provides seamless collaboration and user access management between different teams and organizations working on assets. It provides rapid access to various collaboration, measurement, and analysis tools to ensure that decision-making is based on the most accurate picture of the as-built situation.

Oil and Gas or Energy production, processing and delivery as well as Manufacturing organizations rely on seamless planning for any maintenance or retrofit operation. Operators need to ensure operating costs remain stable and teams working on the assets remain safe. Unscheduled downtime has a huge impact on costs and productivity based on the complexity, resources, and logistics involved to solve a problem or replace a faulty component on a remote site often in hazardous weather conditions. Reality Capture such as Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Digital Twins have been used for several years to attack those problems.

Cintoo Cloud can now bring these whole Scan & BIM / CAD processes to the next level by introducing cloud-based workflows, multiplying the collaborative opportunities to leverage your as-builts for efficient use cases, thus maximizing the ROI of your laser scanning investments.

  • Terrestrial laser scanning device agnostic
  • Scan Data Storage, Management & Organization
  • Team Collaboration
  • Access to Scan Data at any time from anywhere
  • Access Right Management
  • Sharing & Distribution of Reality Data
  • Modernization Planning
  • Maintenance and Repair Simulation
  • New Layouts and Retrofit
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Safety Checks
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Training Maintenance & Operation Teams

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