Don’t delete laser scans – they’re still valuable after the project

Many of our clients come across Cintoo Cloud when they’re starting a new project, using our platform to help them view their laser scans, extract meaningful information from this as-built data and compare it to the design intent. And importantly, sharing all of this data with everyone involved in the project, allowing them to make measurements or notes, or raise issues to be rectified before the build gets underway.

When the project comes to an end, AEC companies often need to provide all of the data from the project to the client along with the final report. This is where Cintoo Cloud can bring additional value to the bid process. By offering to hand over their Cintoo Cloud account and all of the laser scan data, annotations, measurements and reports that have been uploaded to it throughout the duration of the project, when the build finishes owners are presented with extremely valuable information – a complete, up-to-date record of their as-built. These laser scans provide the as-built information from the various stages of the construction project, thus giving virtual access to building elements that are now hidden behind the walls, the floors and the ceilings.

This is not a ‘one-off’ event; laser scans hosted in Cintoo Cloud can be used to track the building’s condition over its entire lifecycle. This means if the owner decides to expand or renovate in the future, they already have their as-built data saved in the cloud. By regularly scanning their asset, they can compare each new set of scans to the one before to detect deterioration or other issues that need to be addressed before they become more serious. Handing over Cintoo Cloud projects is simple: speak to the building owner, have them agree to it and Cintoo will do the rest to transfer the project data to the owner’s new account.

Cintoo Cloud should be integrated into the owner’s management strategy; instead of using outdated 2D images of their assets, they have their laser scan data easily accessible. The platform turns this data into more viable information, enabling them to tag important details and effectively manage their assets, providing significant operational benefits.

To see how Cintoo Cloud can add value to your business, upload your scans and try out the platform for free here: Or reach out to us via to discuss integrating our platform into your operations.

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