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Luminous Group uses Cintoo Cloud to empower customers with a complete collaborative platform to manage and distribute laser scan data without compromising accuracy.

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Luminous Group empowered by Cintoo Cloud

Ben Bennett

Managing Director
Luminous Group


Luminous Group provides advanced 3D data capture and imaging, BIM and virtual reality services to a multinational portfolio of clients such as Diageo, PepsiCo and BMW where digital workflows are an essential part of real estate asset management strategy. Luminous helps these organisations leverage the latest 3D imaging and mixed reality technologies to deliver these new workflows and create efficiencies in complex industrial environments.

Key services include; 3D laser scanning and plant digitisation, mixed reality development, virtual reality and augmented training, IoT and digital twin development, and projects around BIM and smart cities.

In 2019, Luminous Group began testing Cintoo Cloud for several months on different laser scan projects.

Luminous learned it could use Cintoo as a central platform to not only host laser scan projects, but also provide customers with a complete collaborative platform to manage and distribute laser scan data without compromising accuracy.

From initial pilot mode, Luminous then began using Cintoo Cloud for larger projects seeing the benefit of having team members, client stakeholders or contractors all working together on reality data projects.

Working with partners in multiple global locations Luminous were able to create specific user profiles for different modelling teams to ensure data management and version control of models was strictly adhered to. The permission control features of Cintoo Cloud also enabled Luminous’ end customers to be given the ability to manage their own teams and projects independently, without having to ask the Luminous team to intervene each time a new member was added, or a new annotation needed to be made.

Overall, Cintoo Cloud has helped streamline Luminous Group’s point cloud processes and increased productivity and collaboration on laser scan projects both internally, and with clients, and third-party companies. Leveraging Cintoo’s unique and patented point cloud-to-mesh technology, Luminous can manage, organise, view, distribute, measure, or annotate its terrestrial laser scans and compare the as-built to the as-design.

Workflows Used

3D scanning: latest Leica RTC Scanner / P20, Faro Focus and and Surphaser 50HSX

3D Mesh exported from Cintoo for use in interactive experiences created in Unity Games engine

Models created in Autodesk Revit and exported as IFC for QA Verification and and clashing in Cintoo

Scan data registered in Leica Cyclone


Enabled collaborative workflows between the Luminous team, clients and third-party organisations.

Easy and effective management of projects, planning and users

Seamless access control and profile management means Luminous could empower clients to administer their own scan projects

A central source for managing laser scan projects

Improved scan-BIM project efficiency

Cintoo Cloud’s VR capability complements Luminous’ existing VR/AR/MR capabilities providing a plug and play immersive solution that requires no additional software or plugins all streamed in realtime via the web.

Project and Media Links

Learn more about Luminous Group on their web site: https://www.luminousgroup.co.uk

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