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Axalta Coatings Systems is a leading global coatings provider, with 48 manufacturing centers and more than 30 laboratories, including the world’s largest coatings R&D center in the US.

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Marco Schuh

CAD / BIM Administrator Engineering
Axalta Coatings Systems


Axalta Coatings Systems is a leading global coatings provider, with 48 manufacturing centers and more than 30 laboratories, including the world’s largest coatings R&D center in the US.

Axalta Germany has embraced digital workflows to streamline its operations and is using terrestrial laser scanners to capture as-builts when carrying out various types of projects, such as constructing new buildings and pipe bridges or replacing or maintaining equipment.

Axalta first trialled Cintoo Cloud in April 2020 to assess how the platform would integrate with its existing systems and enhance project workflows. Significant time and cost savings were quickly realized and the team began their first major project with a 1,000 scan subscription, increasing this to 2,000 scans within a matter of months.

Axalta project teams use Leica BLK 360 scanners while their contracting surveyors and other scanning companies they employ use Leica RTC 360 and Faro equipment. These different terrestrial laser scanners are all supported by Cintoo Cloud.

By uploading their RCP files, planners, maintenance teams and project managers can all easily view the scan data as well as take measurements of an existing site in Cintoo Cloud, avoiding the need to go out and visit sites regularly. They combine this laser scan data with their planning data, uploaded from Autodesk BIM 360, to track the current situation against the BIM or CAD model to maintain quality assurance. Scan-scan comparison is also conducted during the building phase to continuously track progress.

Within the Axalta team, there are currently around 50 Cintoo Cloud users across seven projects. Primary users are accessing their projects on the platform twice a day, while team members less involved in day-to-day activity, such as planners, contractors or maintenance staff, as well as those less familiar with the sites, are accessing the data around once or twice a week.

Furthermore, with no limit as to how many users can be invited, if a planner or contractor is drafted in to support a projectand provide a quote, they can be granted the necessary permission for a limited time while they gather the required data.

Cintoo Cloud doesn’t limit Axalta to certain file formats from proprietary scan platforms. Rather, contractors can load scans in their preferred formats (e57, FLS, RCP) as well as different models (from BIM 360) and be sure the scans and models will all function in the platform.

Before each project begins on a specific area of the plant, the site is scanned. This allows for negative clash checks to be performed with the data from the completed project to ensure the scans and the model are aligned.


Cintoo Cloud is providing Axalta with many operational benefits. The most crucial of these is improved productivity, saving the team time spent travelling to each site as they only need to look at the project scans in the platform to glean the information they need. On average, they are able to cut site visits from four or five times to one or two times, saving time and reducing costs.

More people are now involved in each project, thanks to the ability to remotely access the data via Cintoo, with those who aren’t modelling experts able to join at an earlier stage and provide the team with feedback and potential improvements.

For those Axalta team members who don’t have access to ReCap, Cintoo Cloud allows planners and contractors to access the 3D project and compare the scan to the model.

The team is also making the most of unlimited users which means that contractual staff, planners and maintenance personnel can all be given access to the parts of the project relevant to them and permissions can be managed by the Axalta team.

Marco Schuh, CAD / BIM Administrator Engineering at Axalta explained, “We have been using Cintoo Cloud for about six months and are very satisfied, especially with the fact that site visits have been significantly reduced. This has led to significant time and cost savings within our projects.

“Another benefit is the combination of point clouds and 3D planning models. This gives everyone the opportunity to get a real picture of the planning progress, even without additional hardware and software. After four months, we decided to increase our Cintoo subscription because it was so well received by all participants. We look forward to continuing to realize projects with the support of Cintoo Cloud.”

Going forward

Project teams currently add notes and annotations to their models within BIM 360. However, Cintoo has now added the functionality to push issues, tracked within the platform, straight to BIM 360 which will provide a further benefit to the Axalta team, minimising the chance of anything being missed when moving between the two platforms.

The team also plans to investigate the option to export Work Zones as unified meshes rather than exporting unstructured crops, which it’s been doing to date. This will provide team members with a clearer view of the data and therefore more accurate interpretation.

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Learn more about AxaltaCoating Systems on their web site: www.axalta.com

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