Press Release

Date: 05 April 2023

Xcel mobile training unit

Cintoo, along with Autodesk, gifts free use of Cintoo Cloud to Xcel Strategies, Inc.

Cintoo, the leader in providing cutting edge SaaS based cloud solutions is proud to announce that they have provided Xcel Strategies Inc. with free use of their platform solutions.

Xcel, a mentoring network, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization mentoring young people ages 15 – 25 in soft skills, job skills and trade skills for the construction industry. Through Xcel training, which now includes digital construction resources from Cintoo and Autodesk, America’s at-risk youth are learning valuable skills for the construction industry.

Cintoo, along with the Autodesk Technology Impact Program, donates software to nonprofits, startups, and entrepreneurs that are using design for environmental and social good. The free offering includes Autodesk Construction Cloud, AutoCAD, NavisWorks, and Cintoo Cloud. With these donations, young adults can gain essential training and extensive knowledge in construction skills that are in greatest demand. In addition, the goals of driving innovation through digital design and construction best practices for the advancement of CAD and BIM applications are assured for America’s workforce of tomorrow.

“The coordination between Cintoo and Xcel to provide our comprehensive digital construction solutions to today’s youth underscores our joint commitment to supporting training initiatives including BIM and digital twin applications.  Cintoo is delighted to be a proud sponsor along with Autodesk of the efforts that Xcel is providing to allow interested users to learn about the latest advancements in laser scanning by donating our browser-based solution, which allows any expert or non-expert access to high resolution 3D scans and models from anywhere at any time,” said Dominique Pouliquen, CEO and chief product officer at Cintoo.

Xcel Strategies Inc. was founded in Savannah, GA in 2012 and has been serving as a mentoring network to fuel young people with purpose to reach their full potential through a network of wise, seasoned trained mentors in Georgia and South Florida. Xcel combines the power of transformative mentoring with the accessibility of a mobile training unit, to facilitate hands on learning, hard and soft skill development for youth ages 15-25. Xcel’s Fueled with Purpose curriculum is composed of life-skill character development training featuring six main principles: goal setting, time management, health & fitness, financial stewardship, relationships, and relational intelligence. Xcel’s innovative Worx Mobile Training Units allow hands on access to tools, materials, and the experiential learning that has led to higher success rates and has increased the likelihood that Xcel participants have the hard and soft skills credentials that employers are looking for. Xcel’s mentoring program is holistic in its approach and design, providing mentoring, soft skills, and hands on career training in the Mobile Training Unit in carpentry, electric, plumbing, HVAC, welding, auto mechanic and Virtual Design Construction (VDC).


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