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When New Orleans-based M3 Design Group teamed up with two other design firms to tackle a complex stadium construction project, the firm knew it needed a solution to help maximize the efficiency and accuracy of its point cloud scan to Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. ​

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“Cintoo Cloud allows us to easily confirm that what we are modeling is accurate. There’s no other real solution on the market that is doing the same thing.”

Myles Martin

Luminous Group uses Cintoo Cloud to empower customers with a complete collaborative platform to manage and distribute laser scan data without compromising accuracy.

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Ben Bennett
Managing Director

“Cintoo Cloud offers us a platform to manage laser scan projects as well as manage a wide range of scan-BIM workflows for our customers. It also provides a complete collaborative platform so our clients can independently manage their own projects and the people working on them via a simple web browser running on their own laptop.”

BBA clients and teams collaborate directly on Reality Capture projects regardless of their physical location

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“Cintoo Cloud is giving everyone at BBA a fast and easy access to all 3D scan projects, directly from the web browser. The way they represent the point cloud in a surface mode is amazing, it reveals every little detail which was not possible to see before.”

Mario Laflamme
Development Manager CAD and 3D Scan Technologies

FSU reduces project time and execute detailed as-builts up to 10,000 square feet in under two weeks from the start of the survey

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“Cintoo Cloud has given our team at FSU the ability to access point clouds here in Denver sooner than we thought was possible. We are able to begin modeling the day after a scan is complete, and our surveyors no longer have to worry about shipping the data or finding the best internet connection.”

Julia Clarson
Software & Technology Integration Specialist, BIM Manager.

Volterra turn to Cintoo Cloud as the central point cloud management to preserve architectural treasures dating from the Roman and Etruscan eras.

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“This project has become such a ground-breaking research effort involving technology partners and collaborators from around the world. As the scope of the project continues to increase, we have struggled to find a platform to efficiently share data with the team and this important work with the public. Cintoo provides us a tool which solves this problem.”

Mark Dietrick
Director of Services, Case Technologies
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