About Cintoo

Cintoo’s vision is to become the world leader in cloud-based solutions to empower Reality Data On-

Cintoo develops technologies and solutions for managing
and leveraging the 3D data coming from the digitization of
the real world (Reality Data) in the cloud.

Cintoo’ s core technology development started in July 2013 with 3 PhDs. The goal was to find a new method to manage
massive point clouds efficiently via the cloud, leveraging streaming and compression algorithms. This core technology
was then later embedded in Cintoo Cloud platform, which was first released late 2018.​
Cintoo Cloud allows users to stream huge 3D data from any desktop or laptop via a web browser, and provides the tools
and technology to compare scans to CAD models or scans to scans and enable large-scale collaboration and
management of the Reality Data.

Cintoo’s Mission

Allow the Digital Twin industries to be more efficient by collaboratively leveraging data from Reality Capture devices as part of the BIM / CAD processes. Allow the Reality Data to become ubiquitous, accessible, collaborative and efficient via the cloud whatever the size of the project is.​

Executive Team

Dominique Pouliquen

Co-Founder & CEO

(Chief Executive Officer)

Denis Thibaudin

Co-Founder & COO

(Chief Operation Officer)

Leonardo H.Fonteles, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

(Chief Technical Officer)

Anis Meftah, PhD

Co-Founder & CRO

(Chief Research Officer)

Rob Rasnic


(Chief Sales Officer)

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