More than 40,000 scans have already been uploaded to Cintoo Cloud! The release of Cintoo Cloud version 2.1 will provide you with an even more comprehensive set of tools and services to enhance your scan & BIM workflows.

Cintoo’s unique point cloud-to-3D mesh / 3D mesh-to-point cloud technology (patent pending) makes Cintoo Cloud the reference platform to manage, share, view, measure, annotate with your terrestrial laser scans in a collaborative way, and to perform Scan and BIM analysis, quality control and issue tracking when comparing the as-built to the as-design, all in a simple web browser. With version 2.1, read about the state-of-the-art new features now available in Cintoo Cloud below:

Panoramic Image Support
In scan mode, you can now display 2D Panoramic images in addition to the 3D Surface, 3D RGB, 3D X-Ray and 3D Height display modes.

BIM 360 Interoperability: Extending the Scan & BIM Capabilities of Cintoo Cloud!
Cintoo Cloud is now in the Autodesk App Store! You can now read Revit (RVT), Navisworks (NWD) and 3D DWG files by connecting to your BIM 360 account and displaying them in Cintoo Cloud viewer!

Scan / BIM Model Alignment Tool
Manually align your BIM model to the scan data, or vice versa. This enables you to perform the preliminary step of comparing scan data and BIM models if they are not aligned in the same coordinate system.

Scan / BIM Comparison Tools
Automatically create a heat map when comparing your as-built scan data with your BIM model, and document the differences as issues in BCF (BIM Collaboration Format).

High-Resolution Mesh-Based VR Streaming
High-resolution VR is available on any of your projects at the click of a button, with no download required! Navigate between scan positions in the scan data and the BIM model and perform measurements.

Advanced Shared Viewer
You can now share your project using Cintoo Cloud’s Shared Viewer and include / exclude your project metadata (saved annotations and measurements), display your own company logo, or set a password or link expiry date.

Deleting Scans and Work Zones
All your team members that have been granted permission to upload scans can now delete scans from the project as well. Team members with permission to create Work Zones can also now delete them as well (please note, all elements from a deleted work zone are moved into the project's main folder).

Individual URL per Scan
Each uploaded scan is now assigned a unique URL for sharing purposes. You can also export all scan URLs in an Excel file.

Cintoo's unified mesh creation, download and export will launch in Beta phase in the next few weeks (open to our subscribers first)! Stay tuned for more information.


Watch the Cintoo Cloud 2.1 Features Video

Click here to watch the full-length Cintoo Cloud 2.1 feature video on the Cintoo YouTube channel.